Picture Gallery

If you have a picture of your plot; something your growing, something you’ve seen on your plot then this is the place where we can display them.

We have not set up any mechanism to upload images as yet. If you do have any, let us know via the Contact & Comments form and we will arrange to collect them from you.

29th January 2022
Some images from the Winter.

5th May 2021
Some nice weather, in between the rain and hail!

19th March 2021
Some more lovely Spring Weather on the site today.

23rd February 2021
Some good weather on the plots after the recent cold snap.

21st December 2020
More Progress continues on the J plots resurrection.

29th October 2020
Progress continues on the J plots resurrection.

19th Aug 2020
Great to see work progressing on J14 resurrecting it from the mess it was left in!!!

Some of images of our site created as Posters