February 2022 Newsletter Published

We have just published the February Newsletter using our new mailing list and all seems to have worked well with only one bounce back error!! We have also continued to hand-deliver paper copies to plot holders who do not have an Internet connection.

We can see that there are still a number people who were on the old mailing list who have not yet signed up to the new mailing list. As a temporary measure, we have left a number of additional paper copies in a waterproof bag in the box on the main gate notice board. Please feel free to take one.

If you do want to receive an email/PDF copy of the monthly Newsletter and any further Special Bulletins including information about the up-coming EGM next Wednesday, then you can easily sign up by scanning the QR code in the posters we have attached to the main gate as you go in/out of the site, or by scanning the QR code in the image below.

You can also download a copy of the February Newsletter by clicking on the left image below.