Another Lockdown for England

As we are all now aware, we entered our third Covid-19 lockdown yesterday. Needless to say this will be very frustrating for many people; thankfully though, we are still able to visit our Allotment Plots as part of the daily exercise ‘allowance’ under the latest measures.

We published the (then) latest measures as links in the January Newsletter and as they are active links, they will now point to the very latest versions of the measures on the both the UK Government Covid-19 webpage and the updated National Allotments Societies webpage.

Just in case there are any issues with those links we have published them again below.

GOV.UK – Coronavirus (COVID‑19) – Latest Lockdown Measures – 05jan2021

National Allotments Society (COVID-19) – Latest Lockdown Measures – 05jan2021

Stay Safe out there.