Plot Inspections to re-start in May 2022

Plot Inspections are carried out by the Committee on behalf of the Woodley Town Council (WTC).

Although basic criteria for Plot Inspections are set out in the 2022 Tenancy Agreement, the Committee and WTC jointly published a Welcome Pack which also contained details about Plot Inspections.

After receiving a number of requests from Tenants, the Plot Inspections section of the Welcome Pack has been separated out into a stand-alone document . This was first made available to Tenants at the recently held AGM in April.

It will also be published separately through the mailing list, a copy will be placed on the main gate notice board with other copies placed in the box attached to the notice board and copies hand-delivered to a number of tenants who are not on the Internet.

If you would like to download your own copy today, you can do this by clicking on the image below.

Welcome Pack – 2022 Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2022 Welcome Pack.

Jointly produced by the Allotment Committee and Woodley Town Council (WTC) this document contains lots of valuable tips and information not only for new allotment holders, but also for all tenants who may be looking for some fresh tips/advice to assist them with their existing plots.

The document also contains information with regards to Plot Inspections which the Allotment Committee carries out on behalf of WTC as part of their 2022 Tenancy Agreement with all plot holders.

You can download your own copy of the 2022 Welcome Pack by clicking on the image below.

Up-Coming EGM – Wednesday 9th February 2022

A quick reminder about the up-coming EGM scheduled for Wednesday 9th February 2022 at the Woodley Oakwood Centre at 7:30 pm to discuss changes to the Woodley Allotments Tenants Association Constitution.

Copies of the Special Bulletin (69) and the proposed changes document have been sent out previously as well as paper copies to tenants who do not have an Internet connection. We will also be providing copes on the night at the EGM.

However, if you would like an electronic copy, you can download a PDF by clicking on each of the images below. We look forward to see you at the EGM.

Allotment Road Repairs

Yes it’s that time again!! Allotment road repairs are upon us and are scheduled for Saturday 11th September. There will be some disruption for traffic on site as we prepare before hand and during the work on the day.

We are looking for quite a few volunteers to help with this vital task, plus there is a FREE BBQ on offer after we have finished this important work. If you can help please contact us via

You can also down load more detailed information by clicking on the Image below.

Here’s some pictures from work we carried out in 2019 & 2020. What a happy band of workers we are!

New ‘Welcome Pack’ launch

Although intended for all new tenants who take up an Allotment on out site, we think all existing tenants will be interested in this joint Woodley Town Council / Committee new ‘Welcome Pack’.

Full of information, tips and a section on Plot Inspections, we are sure you will find something of interest for you. Click on the Image below to down your own copy if you have not already received one via email.