Plot Inspections to re-start in May 2022

Plot Inspections are carried out by the Committee on behalf of the Woodley Town Council (WTC).

Although basic criteria for Plot Inspections are set out in the 2022 Tenancy Agreement, the Committee and WTC jointly published a Welcome Pack which also contained details about Plot Inspections.

After receiving a number of requests from Tenants, the Plot Inspections section of the Welcome Pack has been separated out into a stand-alone document . This was first made available to Tenants at the recently held AGM in April.

It will also be published separately through the mailing list, a copy will be placed on the main gate notice board with other copies placed in the box attached to the notice board and copies hand-delivered to a number of tenants who are not on the Internet.

If you would like to download your own copy today, you can do this by clicking on the image below.